Spear 17 ABF Video

Spear 17 Welcome Home Video

In November 2016 a six man team from the British Army Reserves will be dropped by ski plane on the coastline of Antarctica. From there they will attempt to ski over 1,100 miles unsupported across the polar continent to the Geographic South Pole. Once at the Pole the team will receive a re-supply of rations and fuel and continue onwards over the Titan Dome, down the Shackleton Glacier and onto the Ross Ice Shelf to complete a full traverse of Antarctica. A feat achieved by only 6 people so far.

Taksed by the ABF The Soldiers Charity we were waiting for them at London Heathrow to welcome them back. Much of this footage was used by the One Show on the BBC the following day.

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Music Video London – 1914 Carol of Christmas

A proven track record in professional music videos

On November 10th 2015 Film Director Greg Goodall was approached and asked to come up with a creative viral video concept to support a serious attempt at a high profile Christmas Number One effort in order to gain maximum exposure for the  3 leading military welfare charities. The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and the RAF Benevolent Fund.

This particular music video was for a song that was called ‘1914 The Carol of Christmas’ written by Chris Eaton (the same guy who wrote Saviour’s Day a former Christmas number one held by Cliff Richards). It was sung by Military Voices. Time was extremely short and Greg and the team set to it straight away coming up with the concept in under 24 hours. The concept required the team and producers to secure a number of high profile locations (including Westminster Abbey at the grave of the unknown soldier) to be filmed at in a very short time to get the music video out there and give it the best chance possible of getting the exposure it deserved.

Long story short after Creating, Producing, Shooting the film in a 30 minute time window at Westminster Abbey, Directing and producing it… it was live in just under 3 weeks.

The video saw 4 thousand views in the first hour of it being launched!! It went Viral and a huge number of celebrities got behind it, Stephen Fry, Bear Grylls, Sir Clive Woodward and Sir Terry Wogan to mention but a few.

After supporting the project until its end we found ourselves working on Live broadcast from the BBC, Visiting BBC Breakfast, dropping off a copy of the single at Number 10 Downing Street and taking part in a huge number of press calls. The song made it to number 4 in the UK independent charts and spent time at the number 1 spot on the iTunes download list so all in all a massive success.

If you are looking for a film crew with a proven track record to shoot or film your next music video be it big or small for online or TV make sure you drop us a line we have options to suit every one from big budget music videos to cheap music video options for those on a budget.[/vc_column_text]

1914 Carol of Christmas Music Video


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The Crew take part in Aerial and Air to Air Helicopter Filming

Arial and Air to Air Helicopter Filming

A few weeks back the crew were task with an aerial filming job that saw them filming a Tiger Moth vintage biplane both in the air and on the ground from the door of a Helicopter. The film crew have developed relationships and technics along side experienced helicopter companies and pilots that allows film makers, directors and producers of larger productions a really unique opportunity to get some quite incredible shots, that would simply be unachievable with the use of conventional Helicopter filming techniques. We are all about putting our guys in the position with a camera in their hands and using gyro stabilised lenses as rather than the conventional approach, this allows us to be cheaper than others in this area of film making yet achieve incredibly high end shots.

Behind The Lens - Chopper Shoot

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Live Streaming at Urban Attack 2015 OCR Sports Event

Live Streaming at Urban Attack’s OCR

Urban Attack up at the Manchester National Cycling Center turned out to be another great event.

The Event saw AWOL’s Live Streaming team back in action with Hannah Creelman and Greg Goodall (AWOL’s Live Presenting team) were tasked with getting the crowd going and anchoring the event

“Fantastic job! You are so professional and importantly reliable to come up with the goods.  I will catch up soon but the pic and vid are amazing as usual.” -Rob (Race Director)

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