The AWOL Media Production Process


    Taking a basic (or very detailed) idea and breaking it down – why is the content needed, what is the outlet, and how will your message be turned into something people will want to watch?


    Tasking, deploying and directing a production crew of any size, with the associated skills, equipment and specified brief to capture stunning video and audio.


    Using the latest techniques to portray mood, message and pace to deliver the agreed production on time, accurately and sensitively and keeping the client in the loop at all times.


    After delivery of a finished production (or package) we can provide expert support in utilisation of planned media on TV, Cinema, Social Media, Web and Marketing Campaigns to get the most out of your content.

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Understand, Analyse, Moodboard

Our creatives’ task is to take the initial idea from a client and take it apart, drilling down to why is the content needed, what is the outlet, and how will your message be turned into something people will want to watch? Once we’ve established this, we can begin to brainstorm messaging, tone and other creative concepts and create a moodboard.

Storyboard, Plan, Signoff

We increasingly involve the Director as the idea approaches a workable storyboard. We develop a detailed list of scenes and shots to be taken, as well as a plan for what, when and who. The final stage is to agree an outline production that everyone is happy with!

film crew hire

Promotional Video & Advertisements

We understand how important your brand and corporate image is, and we act accordingly. We are very experienced in all aspects of creative planning, logistics and preparation, shooting within timescales and collaboratively editing the piece to exceed client expectations.

  • We have a proven track record in “end to end” productions, where we take the film for concept to delivery, on time and always on budget.
  • We are committed to high levels of confidentiality – all our personnel operate under Non Disclosure Agreements and this extends to all aspects of being on site with our clients.
  • We operate robust file handling and archiving procedures to ensure peace of mind.
  • Our cameras and equipment are state of the art and we can shoot in all video formats (including Pal and NTSC).

“Greg put me and my team at ease from the word go – not only did we achieve the aim and create a great video that was bang on message, but we also had a great day too. I couldn’t recommend AWOL more” – Jill, Energy Company

Ways we work:

  • AWOL can provide all aspects of production from planning and creative concept development (including budget sign-off) right through to delivery.
  • We can even advise on best practice methods of using the content, and assist with campaigns.
  • We can stream live conferences or webcasts, and even create highlights-packages to be watched afterwards on your intranet.
  • We always shoot “broadcast–ready” (bitrate) ensuring that if you decide to use your footage on TV at a later date you can do so.
  • Our producers are experienced with interview technique and coaching, to help put you, the interviewee at ease and get the best out of your corporate video.

Live Streaming

With super-fast internet connections and satellite broadband now widely available, it is now possible to stream High Definition video from almost anywhere. Now commonplace at small and large events both indoors and out as organisers, sponsors, media and the public recognise the value of Facebook Video, YouTube and Ustream broadcasts in increasing reach and interaction.

“AWOL are so professional, and more importantly reliable to come up with the goods… amazing as usual” – Rob, Mass Participation Event

Whatever type of event you are planning, we can offer you a range of web streaming services, whether it be a simple one-camera setup, or a full live TV-style broadcast from multiple locations and multiple cameras, all tied together by presenters and slick onscreen graphics – just ask for details.

Our experienced Live Stream operators will liaise with you in the weeks running to understand what you want from your webcast / live stream – they will then lay out your options or how in depth you want to go.

News and Documentary

Immediate news content, presenter-led commentary and disaster coverage.

Our teams have broad experience and have worked with most of the major networks, meaning we have the know how to provide video and photographic content at the right time, to the right place, in the right format.

  • Providing news networks and events with up-to-the-minute accurate content that informs, entertains and impresses.
  • Our field teams are experienced working self-sufficiently and can deploy at short notice to remote locations.
  • Once there, we can multitask to provide not only stunning video content but also written editorial, interviews / sound bites, aerial shots and more.
  • On location, we have a network of “fixers” who assist us in coordinating anything from accommodation and transport right through to exclusives and filming permits.

Travel & Editorial

Our producers and film crew are experienced in discreet worldwide travel and have the right equipment for the job, be it a full broadcast setup, portable production cameras and sound gear, drones / UAS, right through to covert cameras for the most sensitive of tasks in unforgiving parts of the world. We have in-country fixers in many areas who will be able to facilitate transport, accommodation and security as required, and our own teams are security aware, medically trained (externally and in house as applicable).

If you would like support to an upcoming trip, or you would like some specialist content captured, we’d love to speak with you – please contact a producer to discuss.

AWOL began as an adventure film crew, and our attitude and skillset is still strongly rooted in worldwide travel, remote location film and photography, hotel / food / gear and travel reviews, and promotional video.

American Express UK Travel: One of our first commissioned works was a production for American Express UK (under London agency Ogilvy One) which consisted of two long-term travel pieces, filmed in three continents, under the banner “Realise the Potential”. Our 4 man crew deployed across two expeditions and captured interviews, fine dining, accommodation / hotel shots, tourism, flights and epic journeys, wildlife, travel reporting, stunning timelapses and vast panoramas from some of the most rare and unseen locations in the world.

Since AMEX, we have sent crews to the four corners of the globe to capture footage for a surprising list of clients!

Mass Participation Event

A compelling Event Video is critical to mass participation events such as marathons and obstacle races – so much so that a strong video can propel a mid level race and turn it into a major contender in a matter of months, by creating excitement, giving people a taste for what is to come, and inspiring new entries day by day.

We specialise in working with Race Directors and Events of all shapes, sizes and types to understand the target audience and tailor-make each video we produce to achieve the maximum effect.

So whether you’re looking for an event roundup video, epic 30 second promo or youtube viral, we have the storyboard for you – just ask a Producer.

“AWOL electrified our event marketing […] I have never seen such interaction on our Facebook channel!” – Rob, Event Director

  • Marathon Video
  • 5k / 10k Video
  • Triathlon & Duathlon Video
  • Swimming Event Video
  • Mud Run Video
  • Obstacle Course Race (OCR) Video
  • Ultramarathon Video

Specialist Video
We can produce stunning promo videos, documentary-style coverage, event roundups, web advertisements, newsletter pieces, athlete profiles, sponsor messages, product reviews, appeals for volunteers and more….. In fact pretty much anything you can think of we will have done, as we’ve produced well over 150 event videos since we started out!

Corporate & Teambuilding

So, you’ve invested in a training day, teambuilding event, conference or morale-boosting away day – why not commission a short roundup video as a bit of a give-back or memento to your employees?

If you are fundraising, video is one of the most engaging ways to drive further donations and spread the word about what you are doing.

Our producers are experienced in working within corporate environments, and are sensitive to the needs of higher management and staff alike. We are extremely discreet if needs be, and all operate under tight Non Disclosure Agreements relating to what information may be released to comply with your sign-off and branding guidelines.

“Having a film crew at our charity fundraiser was rally worthwhile. AWOL brought something palpable to the day and provided a lasting memory for everybody afterwards” – Steve, Charity Interest Day

Ways we work:

  • Our producer will liaise with you in the run up to your corporate / charity events to understand your aims and objectives in producing video and other media, to design a tailored plan for the output, style and level of presence the crew will have on the day.
  • Most importantly we want to understand your reasons and motivations for bringing a film crew in, and ensure what we produce ticks all of your boxes!
  • On the job, we are highly professional – we can have as much or little input into your day as you wish – be it a discreet, unobtrusive “fly on the wall” presence or working as an integral part of your event or function.
  • If required, we can rapidly edit and screen a 60 second roundup at the end of each day to act as a motivational recap.
  • Please also ask about our live streaming and webcast services.Our producers and film crew are experienced in working with people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of confidence – we will help you get the most out of your people on and off camera. Leave it to us!

Vehicle Mounted

A staple for any crew is the ability to film from, or track with, moving vehicles whether it be cars, boats, motorcycles, aircraft and more.

If you need this capability, we have the skills and equipment to make it happen. Our kit store is full to the brim with mounts, rails and other ways of getting that stunning shot, and we have a range of innovative action camera mounts to get your viewer right into the action.

Kit and mounts largely depend on the object to be filmed and the type (and budget) of the production – so please get in touch if this is something you need.


If your needs are cold, wet or snowy then we have the crew for you!

Our teams have become experts in leading ski and snowboard expeditions, accessing remote locations and navigating often challenging terrain to get that perfect shot.

Dependent on the requirements of the shoot and availability of transport, we can deploy with anything from Red Epic and full rig to a humble GoPro if the shoot (and budget) dictates, and achieve incredible results.

DJI Inspire AWOL film

Aerial Filming

We have the skills necessary for safe filming from a range of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, using anything from handheld cameras to stabilised gyroscopic systems found on high-end productions.

We have a number of qualified Unmanned Aerial System (UAS / RPAS / Drone) pilots, spotters and payload operators within our staff, permission to fly commercially, and crucially the know-how to get the best from drone filming.

We can also offer advanced location scouting prior to a larger production to aid in site recce and planning.

underwater photography


We have a full complement of underwater cameras and housings, which can either be operated remotely from shore, from a boat or by one of our trained SCUBA or Free Divers.

Our divers have everything from snorkels right through to rebreathers and trimix, allowing for long shoots at depth. Our cameras and light setups are specially designed to work in underwater conditions, to achieve that stunning or creative shot.

We have filmed everything from pristine coral reefs, great whites right through to wrecked ocean liners!

skydive film


If your production requires shots to be taken in Freefall, we have operators specialised all all disciplines: Traditional FS / Tandem, BASE, Freefly, Wingsuit, Swooping and more.

All camera operators are fully qualified and in date, and have spent considerable time in the air, often as part of a competition team or in an instructional capacity. Please ask for more details.

Rope access filming video

At Height / Roped

There are many moments when a ground based camera setup doesn’t cut the mustard in terms of getting that epic shot!

We have a plethora of rope access qualified videographers, specialised in getting themselves and their kit up, down or inside a broad range of structures and landscape. All our rope access specialist are qualified to at least SPA / ML level and are practiced in reaching the shot location, securing their position for long periods of time whilst operating and controlling small and large camera and audio setups safely and achieving dramatic footage.

All of our specialist setups are capable of transmitting live video and voice data to a ground station so the director and client can view the shots being taken – please ask for more information.

Live streaming webcast



We offer an edit-only service for pre existing footage you wish to revitalise and reuse.

“Using AWOL’s “edit only” service, we were able to revitalise and old footage and through the planning process, achieve what we had really wanted to from the start, without incurring extra costs as we’d already completed a previous filming day. Thanks AWOL!” – Beth, Corporate Partner


For projects requiring a faster turnaround, we are able to edit “in the field” using state of the art laptops to achieve those pressing deadlines.


From digitising, editing and uploading, through to a full, on-line post-production service with branding, graphics and after-effects, we offer our clients a full range of editing solutions and post-production services from our studio in Carlisle.

Our editing suite features the latest hardware and software (including Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro) and we can also provide broadcast editing, after effects, sound and motion graphics.

Our editing and production team are experienced in working on simple to complex edits and understand your needs – drop us a line to discuss!


We offer the following enhancements:

  • After Effects and Graphics
  • Animation
  • Colour Grading
  • Sound Pass
  • Music
post production editing and after effects


Exporting and positioning your media in a timely and appropriate fashion:

  • Video formatting for different countries, screens and devices
  • TV programming
  • Monitoring of reach, engagement and viewing figures


Our bread and butter, and how we prefer to work, is to take a campaign-focused approach to media production, where a “package” or single piece of content is created with the end goal and deployment in mind.

Our creative team have a very broad collective experience of many aspects of digital marketing and pr, which we are able to combine with technical knowledge to effectively use, promote, then monitor and report on the effectiveness of each piece of  content:

  • Tracking: Analytics and Insights
  • Paid Marketing: Adwords and Social
  • Social Media: All platforms

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