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An aerial view is a great way to establish
or close a scene, or demonstrate the scale of a place or project.

Over the last 5 years drone use in business use has increased substantially, and this is a testament to the capability and affordability of drones.

We are now able to capture high quality footage from all angles, in many hard to reach places which would have previously only been possible via expensive broadcast helicopters.

Our drone pilots are appropriately skilled, licensed and insured to carry out aerial filming, surveys, and photography. All of our pilots hold CAA Permission for Commercial Operations and we are on the Drone Safe Register.


Live streaming videos Drone footage of Aston Martin on road

Drone shots are a fantastic tool to open and close a scene.

It’s not ‘just’ about looking epic…. If you want to demonstrate the scale, perspective or context of a location, a drone shot is a great starting point. We use drones on a regular basis to give that extra critical angle, and to place the subject in a scene in a meaningful way.


Live streaming videos Drone footage of greater manchester marathon

Broadcast LIVE from the Air!

Our approved operators and robust processes and equipment allow us to offer a rare extra asset to any live production – aerial footage! We can stream direct to Facebook / YouTube and others, or send a live link to the Studio / OB Truck to be ingested into a live production. It adds a massive element of quality to any production, allowing the viewer to see the full scale.



Just need drone footage? We can help.

Send us your brief or shot list and we will capture each and every shot you ask for in stunning 4K UHD, or 12MP RAW still imagery. All footage will be backed up by robust flight planning, permissions and without limitations on use.


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The focus of our meeting will be establishing your reasons and drivers. We will discuss your business strategy and plan appropriate action to support your end state


Your proposal will be absolutely tailored to your requirements and the strategy outlined in the meeting. We are only as good as our last job, so you can rely on us to be realistic, honest and fair.


We will produce your content to meet the aims and objectives identified in the meeting. We check in with you to discuss your project throughout.


We promise to deliver only the best content within your time and budget constraints, whilst remaining focused on supporting your end state.

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