With super-fast internet connections and satellite broadband now widely available, it is now possible to stream High Definition video from almost anywhere. Now commonplace at small and large events both indoors and out as organisers, sponsors, media and the public recognise the value of Facebook Video, YouTube and Ustream broadcasts in increasing reach and interaction.

Whatever type of event you are planning, we can offer you a range of web streaming services, whether it be a simple one-camera setup, or a full live TV-style broadcast from multiple locations and multiple cameras, all tied together by presenters and slick onscreen graphics – just ask for details.

Our experienced Live Stream operators will liaise with you in the weeks running to understand what you want from your webcast / live stream – they will then lay out your options or how in depth you want to go.

CASE STUDY – ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon 2018


Our content has been key in identifying high value athletes and leveraging their stories to achieve wider PR ‘wins’.

Disabled athlete Claire Lomas was interviewed 6 weeks prior to the event, and her content travelled globally, increasing community engagement with the event.

AWOL’s presenters engaged successfully with Claire at the Start Line, weaving her journey into the event experience as a whole, and resulting in a high-profile media Finish Line in Manchester a week after the main event had closed.


Live content raises the profile and brand perception at an event.

Partnering the broadcast with local news agencies is a force multiplier. At GMM’18, local news giant Manchester Evening News was engaged to host and share the Master Stream from AWOL’s live broadcast, generating a large but focused social reach in the catchment area for this event.

As a local media outlet, MEN were keen to tap into great local story, and therefore the “win-win” created huge additional opportunities advertising wise.


Taking a thought-leader approach to marketing and athlete experience places an event at forefront of the athlete’s mind when they are deciding which event to choose next year.

Delivering a quality event experience and creating a broad range of media is critical to long-term success – The GMM’18 is a great example of this – having demonstrated exponential growth since beginning to innovate 2 years ago, this event is already well ahead of last year’s sales benchmarks.


Generating high quality, relevant, live content at events is a proven way to leverage and augment the
excitement and social buzz surrounding an event – from participants to supporters, to sponsors and the
wider Mass Participation community.
Our programmes cater directly to the runners, teams and spectators that make great events what they

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