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Christmas is here… says John Lewis & Partners…

As a Media Production Company who specialise in Strategic Communications, we are always impressed by a successful marketing campaign, especially Video Marketing Campaigns.  

Photo credit: John Lewis & Partners

Last week saw the release of the long-awaited John Lewis Christmas Advert “The Boy & The Piano” and what a fantastic piece of video production this is! What is an advertising campaign for creatives behind the production, has now become a tradition for us Brits- marking the start of Christmas.

Who made it?

Adam&eveDBB (formally adam&eve) have been responsible for many of the amazing John Lewis & Partners adverts we have seen on our screens over the last 9 years. Adam&eveDBB- just adam&eve at the time, were a start-up company when beginning their journey with John Lewis, and now work with many other large corporations such as Lloyds, the AA, Waitrose & Partners and more.

Since taking over production back in 2009 following Lowe and Partners who produced 2007/8 adverts, adam&eveDBB along with Craig Inglis- Customer Director at John Lewis, have smashed the social shares and viewing numbers out of the park once again. It is safe to say that Becky Brook- Marketing Director at John Lewis & Partners and her team and doing a fantastic job!

Photo Credit: John Lewis & Partners

What is good about it?

With companies all over the world competing for screen time and views, strategically planned campaigns are vital. The creative collaboration and the success of this advert has once again reiterated to us here at AWOL TV, the importance of storytelling through video.

As a video production company, we know how much work is involved in a successful video campaign. When you consider the pressure that John Lewis & Partners face, not only to please expectant viewers- but more importantly to make sales year after year, it is remarkable that they continue to release such incredible pieces of content at the right time, in the right place, to the right people- the message at the heart of all of us here at AWOL TV.

Photo Credit: John Lewis & Partners

What is it about?

The advert is an incredibly emotional video – the thought child of creative officer Richard Brim at adam&eveDBB, directed by Seb Edwards – which takes the viewer on a personal journey of discovery through Musician- Elton John’s- life. What is brilliant about this advert is the idea that what you give at Christmas can change somebody’s life. Thanks to some incredibly creative ideas, attention to detail and an amazing script (chosen from 300 scripts), John Lewis & Partners have successfully communicated with their audience and touched the hearts of many across the UK- something which we all aspire to do.

John Lewis & Partners - Advert Inspired Gifts

It takes a clever marketer to initialise next steps from a Video Campaign. John Lewis & Partners have followed the momentum of their video with Gifts available which are inspired by the advert including Music by Elton John and other artists, Keyboards, Tshirts, Turntables and more. Gifts and the advert can be seen on the John Lewis & Partners website. 

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