5 Steps to creating your Promotional Video

A quick peek inside AWOL… this is how we create your promotional video/ advert in 5 steps.

This is how we create your promo video, in 5 simple steps.

  1. Meeting

Our first step when creating any video is to meet up with our clients. We will already have some information from our initial contact, but in this meeting, we will discuss everything from your target audience and requirements to your budget, timescales and any creative concepts you may have. We ensure that we have discussed your company strategy and end state in order to align your content to best achieve your objectives. We will take notes from this meeting and this will help us to put together the pre-production planning in the next step.

  1. Planning

We take the information from our meeting and take this to the pre-production team for storyboarding, shot lists and any other planning documents which will help us to show you how your finished piece may look. This is then discussed with you and any changes are made. The planning documents will follow your production through to the final stages.

pre-production team editing

3.   Shoot

The next step is to film the footage for your production. We assemble actors, arrange locations and times to capture footage. Using the planning documents, we are able to capture content which aligns with the storyboard in order to put your piece together as planned.

4. Editing

This is where the magic happens. All of the captured content and planning documents are handed over to our in-house editing team who put the footage together, adding transitions, narrative, music and anything else that your production requires.  Once edited your piece will be handed to you for proofing and following this any final edits are made before the final step.

AWOL Editing team

5. Distribution

Once the final edit is completed, we will hand the content to you or your marketing team for distribution, or if you choose we can have your content distributed on television. We offer a number of distribution options including edits for social media, broadcasting and more.

AWOL Team Member Heather Hodsdon


Heather Hodsdon- Marketing Manager

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