Why do you need HTTPS???

Why do you need SSL Now?!

Every website owner should invest in SSL, so why is it so important?

As a Video Production Company who Specialise in Strategic Communications, we understand the importance of keeping client data safe.

Data protection is by far one of the most important aspects of running a business. We encrypt data, store files securely and protect customer details throughout every aspect of our practices, yet some companies still have insecure websites, and this doesn’t just affect security.

In July this year, Google launched Chrome 68- a new release of the UKs most used internet browser (according to statista.com) which included new features to improve internet safety. The update provides better alerts to insecure websites, allowing internet uses to protect themselves from Phishing attacks, keep their bank data safe and ensure that their personal information is not being used for anything other than what they choose.

One of the most important aspects of this update for end users is the notification of an SSL certificate as they visit your site.

Every secure site is marked by the S (following the usual HTTP) for secure in the website URL (https). Since October 2018, with further updates to Chrome, you may have experienced a website visit which asks you to confirm that you want to visit an insecure site- this involves clicking advanced settings to confirm your visit to the website, some users will see a red highlighted bar where no SSL is present.

This not only slows down the time users take to access your chosen site, but also discourages users from visiting the site at all.

So, what does this mean for businesses?

For AWOL- this means always making sure our SSL certificate is current in order for our website to be trusted, and always take advantage of SEO – Every little really does help!

For those of you who don’t run eCommerce sites and think that they don’t need an SSL license- sadly you are mistaken. Regardless of the purpose, every website clearly shows whether it is secure or not.

There are a number of reasons that you should finish reading this blog and head on over to purchase your license.

Benefits of SSL:

  • Encrypts sensitive information such as customer data, banking information, secure account information, contact details etc.
  • Provides authentication so that the user is confident that they are visiting the correct website and not becoming a victim of a phishing attack
  • Provides trust of your Brand
  • Improves Google website ranking!

If you’re not running an eCommerce website you may think that SSL is not worth the cost, or understandably for those who are running small eCommerce websites solo and have limited funds, but if you ever want to increase your visits and consequently your custom and revenue, then I beg you to invest now!

Not only do SSL licensed websites improve customer trust and are proven to increase conversion rates, but they also get preferential treatment from Google. Although it is only a slight rankings boost at this time, it’s possible that as protecting customer data becomes more important in the business world, having SSL may improve rankings further in the future.

AWOL Team Member Heather Hodsdon


Heather Hodsdon- Marketing Manager

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