Bowker: ‘Where the Adventure Began’

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The Adventure Begins.

So, another day in the AWOL life, and another media production begins, this time in the lovely city of Preston. Early morning, some clouds and a crispness in the air, the day starts as any production day should: fueling up.

After everyone was thoroughly energized, we left for Bowker to start shooting the promotional film for the Mini Countryman. Arriving with time to spare, we unpacked our gear before greeting the staff. While we waited on the actors to arrive, we got set up, experimenting with shot ideas. Before long, our talent arrived, and we were able to kick the day off.

Using varied filming techniques, including aerial shots thanks to our drone pilot, we gathered a range of dynamic shots, all staying local to the Preston docks.  I’ve been documenting our process through behind the scenes photography.

Onto the open road.

After getting what was needed, we hauled our equipment back to the van. Now, we were ready to start the biggest part of the film, time on the road. Heading out into the Lancashire countryside, we made several stops on our travels to carry on filming, some of these being at famous landmarks. Can you guess where we’ve been?

Some of the captured shots include a creative use of the van’s back door and slow-motion to get some visually impressive overtaking shots. You’ll see these in the final project, hopefully. Moving through the Trough of Bowland, our crew came to one of our main locations. We got our third star out to show their stuff…after some coaxing with treats.

The aspirational living shots followed, our freshly-formed trio of actors doing their part for the cameras while we kept filming. A lot of dog treats, some set photography and one tree branch incident later, and our team finished up, ready to head back.

Closing thoughts and further adventures.

It had been a great production, running smoothly thanks to organization and team coordination. I can’t thank AWOL enough for letting me be part of this team. I’ll keep our readers posted on our adventures going forward.

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